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Default Re: [DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

Trina Michaels

Trina has an 8-year old step-daughter. Her husband is a lawyer, so we've been extra-careful not to leave any visible marks. They've been married for 5 years already and we can definitively say that this bitch has too much time on her hands. Maybe The husband should knock her up. She'd have a kid of her own to take care of, instead of getting fucked up by strangers. She's one of the rare whores to take the fuck saw right up her ass. That's how jaded she is...

395 MB, 53 min.
mkv, 640X360, h.264, 900 Kbps


Pass: dan4260

Victoria Valentina

You can always deny that your wife (and mother of 2 kids, aged 4 and 6) is a whore when she dresses for work as if she was going out to a club or some shit. When you see her on some website, tied up and suspended by a bunch of freaks, her pussy squirting weird female cum, well, that's unquestionable evidence. And if you don't want to believe it, then it's your loss and our gain, because she will be back for more my friend...

379 MB, 39 min.
mkv, 640X360, h.264, 1200 Kbps


Pass: dan4260

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[DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

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