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Default Re: [DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

Nikki Sun

Karla is a college student who wanted to travel a bit and her bank account was dry as Mojave desert, so she went to Don for some help. The journey has passed, she visited many interesting places and has many great experiences, but the Don now wants his money back. And what can you expect from student, than that she does not have any money again, so Don takes all her hot and sweet body holes instead of cash.

131 MB, 19 min.
512 x 384, XviD, 903 kbps, 0.184 Qf


Pass: dan4260

Lucy Lee

The Don is here to take what is his own. Petra wanted to help her sister with buying some house stuff, so she borrowed $500 from Don. Months have passed and she still didn't pay it back, so Don has chosen another way how to get satisfied....

115 MB, 16 min.
512 x 384, XviD, 904 kbps, 0.184 Qf


Pass: dan4260

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[DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

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