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Default Re: [DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

Johanson Rosses

Chrissy is a brown haired, pig-tailed sweetie who borrowed five-hundred bones from Don to buy a pound of chronic, but after her stoner boy-friend and his hippy-hop pals burned through most of the investment at a Phish concert, she was forced into a unique payment plan. The Don doesn't mind her default, since he had already been stiffly entertaining the idea of taking her hot pink pussy and asshole in lieu of the coin!

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When this little brunette failed to pay back Don the $795 she had borrowed to have her teeth bleached, the well-hung Mafioso extracted the debt by violating this bitch with his huge meat stogy in every imaginable way. He reams her asshole and cunt, and then inviting his accountant, William, to come in and get in on the action. If you like to see chicks depraved, plowed, and gag for more, than you've found the right fucking place!

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[DF,SM] EXTREMELY HARD !!! The nastiest and dirtiest sex scenes!

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