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Default Re: Sexy Pearly Young Girls ! HighQuality HD Video! (Update)!

Duration: 17:45
Location: Indoors

Stunning, brunette teens Daphne and Sascha, white shirt, caress each other and make out indoors, then eagerly pull off their tops to fondle and suck one another's firm tits and perky nipples. They peel off their tight denim shorts, spread their tanned legs wide and take turns fingering and licking each other's sweet, trimmed pussies, then they trib and tongue one another's tight assholes, until they have loud, shuddering orgasms.

HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (WMV) Full - [493.37 MB]
Sascha_and_Daphne_Tonguing_Size 493.37 Mb

HDV - 852 x 480 @ 2Mbit (WMV) Full - [252.89 MB]
Downloading Sascha_and_Daphne_Tonguing_Brunettes-H852W.wmv | 252.9Mb

Duration: 19:01
Location: Indoors, Living Room

Fresh faced cuties Sasha, with black hair, and Tasha, brown hair, caress and make out on the living room floor, take off their shirts, then fondle and suck each other's small, perky breasts. Sasha spreads her legs wide and Tasha goes down on her, eagerly fingering and licking her sweet, shaved pussy, then she slides a dildo into her moist slit and fucks her in different positions until she orgasms loudly. Sasha returns the favor by lustily rubbing and tonguing Tasha's bald quim, then she dildos her to an intense climax with the same dildo.

HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (WMV) Full - [527.62 MB]
Sasha_and_Tasha_Intense_Duo-H1 Size 527.62 Mb

HDV - 852 x 480 @ 2Mbit (WMV) Full - [270.37 MB]
Downloading Sasha_and_Tasha_Intense_Duo-H852W.wmv | 270.4Mb

Video added 25 Aug 2009
Duration: 28:15
Location: Outdoors, Garden

Sizzling, blonde cowgirl Zoe is puffing away on a cigar while sitting on the grass, then sensual Indian Devin comes and sits next to her. They smoke the cigar, kiss lovingly, then lustily strip off their clothes and knead and suck each other's firm breasts and perky nipples. Devin spreads her legs wide on a blanket and Zoe deep fingers and tongues her tasty quim and puckered asshole until she orgasms loudly. Devin returns the favor and fingers and licks Zoe's sweet pussy and tight ass until she has an intense climax

HDV - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (WMV) Full - [778.36 MB]
Zoe_and_Devin_Old_West_Lust-H1 Size 778.36 Mb
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Sexy Pearly Young Girls ! HighQuality HD Video! (Update)!

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