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21. Laylani
Nerd Getting Slammed

I just don't understand these dumb bitches that walk in here. None of them are worth much more than quick fuck, unless they can cook. In spite of this they still keep wondering into my office looking for a career, hoping to make it on their own. This young dork, while living with mom, is trying to graduate but makes time to spread her welcoming legs for me. Without much resistance at all, why do they keep entering my office? The real world would eat her alive. Sweetie just stay home with your role playing games, without a husband you would clean a stranger's cum off your face daily.

22. Lilia
Fresh Off the Ball and Chain

Oh Lilia, that chick was almost smart enough to get away from me. If only she wasn't so fucking desperate. Yes, I took advantage of the fact that she has just gotten a divorce. That as a woman, who has been off the job market for five years, won't be able to find a job outside of the food industry, if at all. Supposing she had a better attitude I might've tried to find her work. Anyways fuck her. NEXT!! What did you expect? That I would feel sorry for her. ha ha ha ha

23. Linette
A Stupid Bitch

Linette turned out to be a run of the mill stupid bitch. She is one of those pretty girls who loves to question everything, interrupt her superiors, and acts cute at the most inappropriate times. Even the wildest horses can be tamed so I took her bullshit right to the point of where my dick was in her mouth and let her have it.

24. Lora - Anal
Lora’s Anal Induction

Lora was a great bitch to take advantage of. What is it about whores that don’t understand English that makes you want to fuck them up the ass? She want to know if she has to take it up the ass, and I reassure her that it is all part of the interview.

25. Margarita - Anal
Anal Margarita

What the fuck is this world coming to when there are still girls out there that don't suck cock? This bitch even had the nerve to tell me, "I don't like it". You would think that these cunts would have figured out by now that sex has nothing to do with turning them on. I had to give this bitch a quick lesson in blowjobs then I stuck my dick in her ass as a reminder of her place in life.

26. Marybeth
Down South Junken

This week I had the pleasure of a country girl, named Marybeth-Joan-Sue-May Clemson, in short Marybeth. Sure she had one of those tomboy attitudes but it had been so long since I've fucked a hillbilly chick I had to fight through all the bullshit. You know there is nothing like a good fuck, who has been properly trained, by there own family. Besides that the bitch was a pain in my ass, so I pumped her for all she was worth and sent her on away with my cum residue all over her mouth, something for her brother to taste later.

27. Michayla – Anal
An Old Anal Pounding

This new MILF needed a job to take care of her baby. She kept on asking me the same questions over and over again. I hate it when these dumb sluts make me repeat myself. I thought I would pay the bitch back by sticking my cock in her ass.

28. Naomi
Problem Spots

Naomi was a nice young girl to play with. I don't know if it was the money, low self-esteem, or being a stupid little bitch, that made it possible for me to write shit all over her fat ass, while I was fucking her. Never the less, she is probably scared for life but I surprisingly had a good time.

29. Nazarana

I really don't feel like writing anything but I guess I should, give you my viewers a reason to watch this. First off, this girl is hot. Secondly, this shoot has a little more humor then the other episodes. Lastly and certainly not least you don't have a choice your curiosity has you by the balls. What will I say to this girl? Why is this episode so funny? Watch it and find out.

30. Page
Broken Vows

This stupid bitch husband just left her. I can’t understand why, she had some great fake tits. I had to give this slut a contract, which I’ll never honor, just so she would suck my cock. She kept on whining about her husband, so I made sure to bring that up every chance I could.
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