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Ane Haramix ~A week of older sister and girl from hell~

The lead character lived with an elder sister Hitomi.
Hitomi was a real knowckout in school. She was amazingly
beautiful even through the eyes of her young brother.
One day, God of death Mina appeared before the two to
tell that he was soon to die a natural death, and
attempted to deprive his soul. But Mina was impressed
by Hitomi who was desperately trying to save him, and
told him the only way to survive. IMPREGNATE a girl
within a week. As listening to God, he turned his eyes
to Hitomi without knowing. The survival 7 days started
that way..... Is he able to impregnate his older sister
and save his own life?

- Impregnate-older-sister adventure game!
The purpose of this game is to have lots of sex and
impregnate the older sister within a week. The story
will not end easily even though you have a good ending
(succeeded to impregnate). You can even have a sex with
her with a little swollen belly, and even more!?? Please
check out with your own eyes!

- Impregnate the assertive older sister with your
sex technique!
Sex up Hitomi who try to keep airs of "older sister".
Force her to give in, she is in love with him but just
cannot be honest with herself. The story is described
with over 70 of CG pictures and derivatives.

- The girl from hell too?
Because he is still young, he have a crush on the girl
(god of death) as well. But you have to be careful, Hitomi
will be envious of the GOD if you do not take care of her.
SIZE: 136 Mb

Let's Train Teacher

* Love Training Advice?!
The older sister who was adored when they were kids, the
feelings of love and tenderness that still have not
disappeared, and then… a reunion.
This has nothing to do with married wives! I’ll take
Professor Keiko back, no matter what! I’ll make her mine!

* School Campus Love Training Adventure!
The attractive Keiko, the sexual harassment teacher Ayako,
the childhood friend Haruna… Watch out for what is sure to
be the outbreak of scenes of training war!!

* Love Training Extreme Numerous H Scenes!!
Training to degenerate Keiko’s womb! Persuade her!
Through the torture of pure, complete pleasure, her wildly
enthralled orgasm face is a symbol of her surrender to love *
With over 150 CG images, this visual update beautifully
produces rich, clouded scenes!!
SIZE: 210 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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