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Otose! Hitozuma Megami Sama

Alone with a sexy married woman in a fantasy world?

One day, the lead character is taken to a different
world with a next-door married-woman Sakatsuki Yuko
whom he is in love with and wants to posses. In the
fantasy world, Yuko is somehow received into a village
as Battle Goddess to protect the village from goblins,
and you happens to work for Yuko in the fantasy world!!
SIZE: 198 Mb

Naked wife as an entertainer

A talentless designer named Tanaka is the lead character
of this story.
He brings his wife along to a party of a company he works
with in construction and engineering, but knowing he's a man
who can't turn anything work-related down, the men of that
company ask that his wife become the party's entertainment.

There are a total of 20 types of party entertainment in
this set!
With the addition of the image variants, there are a
total of over 120 pages of CG here to make you hard and
drive you wild!
SIZE: 21 Mb

Drug inspector

Ritsuko is a narcotics inspector who is investigating an
abandoned building after she received an anonymous tip.
However, one of the drugs brokers uses hypnotism on her
and captures her, after which he sexually abuses her.

The next day, Ritsuko's memory has been erased, and she faces
a disgraceful disaster!
SIZE: 53 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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