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Originally Posted by sexyvids View Post
Shareflare and Letitbit has been banned because they don't allow free downloads.
Was Letitbit mistakenly banned because of confusion with another file host?

Out of curiosity, I started a free download from Letitbit in JDownloader and it worked. Not only that, the download was also restartable.

I checked the Letitbit splash page when you click on a download link and it still shows the free (but slower) download option.

Sadly, this error (and it is absolutely and certainly a mistake because I'm looking at the download progress, 60 KB/s as a free download in JDownloader, as I'm typing this post) caused a really big megathread to be deleted that uploader LetItPorn maintained. Lots of good content has been lost for no reason.

Would it be possible to reinstate Letitbit so that LetitPorn's thread could be restored?

Edit: I checked the S*h*a*r*e*f*l*a*r*e home page. This is what it is says:

"ShareXXX is a totally free file hosting site. Upload and exhange Your files absolutely for free. We are not limiting speed, size or storage of files. Process of file exchange has never been that easy!"

I've never used Shareflare, but something strange has happened.

If Shareflare and Letitbit were banned for some other reason, it would be useful if someone posted the real reason for the ban.
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