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Fully-Animated Touching Game - Touching Spy Questioning

Sakamoto family was once known for being ninja, and now
works as spy.
The main character, Quell is from such a renowned clan,
however, she loves to draw attention from others and is
a trouble-maker.
Then, she fails in her first mission and becomes captive.
What will happen to her?
SIZE: 100 Mb

White school swimwear, black school swimwear

One day, when the main character opens his room's door,
there are two strange girls standing.
Mizuki and Lucus, both in school swimsuit, tells him that
they are twin princess and are from Saint Swim Kingdom.
Official uniform of this kingdom is school swimsuit.
Only one of them can become the queen.
Only the person who marries to the man chosen by god can
receive the queen's title...
The man happens to be the main character!
In the end, here starts the naughty battle of twin - trying
to win the title of the queen.
SIZE: 264 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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