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Default Sweet And Naughty aka Young And Naughty (1984)

The family that plays together stays together. Or something like that. That's the theme of this heated tribute to interfamilial eroticism, one of the most explosive sexvids of 1984. Sweet little Nikki Charm stars as a hot-to-trot teenage vixen who can't help but turn on every man who comes into contact with her -- including members of her own family! And while most sisters would do their best to look the other way, Nikki decides to find out just how far her ribald relations are willing to go! This is a great flick for fans of youthful ingenues, as Nikki perfectly captures the playful sexual naivete of her character. Whether watching her girlfriend Sheri St. Clair treat her beau to some back door boffing, or learning the ropes about oral fun with a guy of her own, Nikki exudes sensual allure from the moment she steps on the screen. Gorgeous Elaine Southern also shines as Nikki's sassy sister, trysting with a couple of well-built studs out by the pool. Elaine's feverish frolicking sends both of her men into heated hysterics, and you won't be far behind as you watch her svelte young curves in amorous action. Things get even wilder when Nikki decides to let her closer relatives in on the fun! It's a naughty yet nice look at the ins and outs of youthful sexual expression.

CAST: Elaine Southern, Nikki Charm, Renee Summers, Sheri St. Clair, Greg Rome, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas, Peter North, Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Sheri St. Clair, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Marc Wallice, Renee Summers
Scene 3. Greg Rome, Peter North, Elaine Southern
Scene 4. Nikki Charm, Peter North
Scene 5. guy, Nikki Charm, Sheri St. Clair
Scene 6. Nikki Charm, Elaine Southern
Scene 7. Marc Wallice, Nikki Charm
Scene 8. Nikki Charm, Paul Thomas

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Sweet And Naughty aka Young And Naughty (1984)

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