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Default Re: Collection of BDSM video - Posted: 2/12/2009 - Penelope

19 year old Penelope is Into The Attic on her first visit. She's never been tied up or gagged --let alone had a Kotex rolled up with a breathe tube stuck in the middle of it and taped into her face hole. Let's get started.
She starts off her interview in a small room, delicately balanced upon a small block of wood with a rope around her neck securely fastened to the ceiling above her. Big eyes. She looks very nervous. Nervous laughter as she uses both hands to grab the rope stretching away from her neck. She balances herself. And now she gets peppered with lots of personal questions about her sex life. We find she only started having sex a mere three years ago. She's never used a dildo or a vibrator in her life. And before I start flogging her tits for the first time, we learn the real reason why she came in today....

Code: - Posted: 12/24/2009 - Elise

Part I

A rap at the door brings Elise Into The Attic. Immediately she is told to remove her clothing and get on her knees. She doesn't even have time to say hello or finish the beverage she arrived with. She is chained about the waist. Manacles are placed onto her wrists and ankles. Her wrists are secured behind her back to the waist chain. Her ankles are secured to short lengths of chain stemming from her waist. The chain is cold and she grimaces as it goes on. Once she is secured she has her head taped up before being allowed to fill out her paper work.....

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Collection of BDSM video

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