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While she is sleeping

This is LovelaDoll's first complete touch
simulation Flash.

The main character (player) sneaks into a girl's
room and does what he wants to the sleeping girl.

Sometimes, she wakes up during the process, but if
you're able to hide well enough, you can find her
sweet spots and enjoy her reactions to your sweet
SIZE: 21 Mb

Beautiful Mama! Hot Mother and Child Play

* An 800X600 high-quality CG collection (full
screen possible)
* A full-volume erotic ADV of passive wives of
strangers and true-mother love!
* Unedited rich full voiced action that's sure to
* Save and Load settings (40 save slots)
* CG mode and scene playback options

Akira, studying for his entrance exams next year,
spends his spring break alone with
his beloved mother, Chizuru.
Chizuru is the envy of all his friends, and his
favorite beautiful mama.
She teaches him kindly and slowly all he needs to
know for his exams.
But it's not studying Akira needs to worry about,
it's his Aunt Kanae, who's come to live with them!
His real mother, a window and a former teacher who
spoils her son,
and his Aunt Kanae, an active spartan teacher who
laughs at Akira's weaknesses.
Akira starts to learn about the sweet and harsh world
of adults.
His full-figured passionate mother and aunt become his
tutor in the arts of ejaculation!
He becomes a slave to the wills of these hot-tempered
women, full of sexual desire...

Mocking SOFT's 10th work is one you won't want to miss!
A full-volume erotic ADV of passive wives of strangers
and true-mother love!
We recommend this volume to anyone who loves real-mothers,
stranger's wives, passionate women, large breasts, and
bountiful butts!
SIZE: 263 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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