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Blue Note

The protagonist is a freeloader, living at
home, and this work is about his relationship with
the girl of his household. When the relationship
turns to an erotic one, the heroine is glad to lend
the protagonist a hand with his sexual desire both
at school and at home.

There is a set amount of times the protagonist will
ejaculate, and a huge amount of ejaculation that can
accumulate. If you would prefer, the erotic moments
can also change to more intimate moments and the
heroine will respond in turn.
SIZE: 191 Mb


I love gym shorts too much. It has been my long-cherished
dream to make love with a pretty girl with gym shorts.

But it is hard time for people with a fetish for gym shorts.
Gym shorts may disappear from the real world very
soon, I guess.....

When I am about ready to give up the dream, an angel
appears before me.

"Nice to meet you. I will be with you for 3 days
from today."

She is too cute! So, of course, I dress her in a
gym shorts.
SIZE: 184 Mb


Have sex with a pretty girl in school swimwear!
Missionary, cowgirl, doggy, blowjob, titty sex......
The cute girl is in blowjob action with a school
swimwear on!!
SIZE: 131 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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