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New Slavegirl Christi - Blonde BDSM



Emily is summoned to meet Magick in the punishment room, but when she arrives, naked as instructed, she finds she is alone. Instructions have been left, that she must follow to prepare herself for the rendezvous. She is told to shave her cunt, piss into a bucket, give herself a large enema to clean herself out for a large butt plug. She must insert a vibrating egg into her cunt and get changed into the lingerie left for her, before spanking herself and labelling herself as a slut. Finally she must attach electrodes to her thighs, clamps to her nipples, and handcuff herself to wait for Magick.
When Magick finally arrives, he decides it is Emily who should make the effort this time, and settles back to relax and use her as an ashtray, and deliver electric shocks, while she is made to slap and crop herself, and twist her own nipples. Using the crop he forces her to write increasingly degrading labels on her body, and deliver painful electric shocks to herself with an electric bat and a cattle coaxer. She finally earns her reward of an orgasm, while cleaning the butt plug in her mouth, and is made to wash herself using the bucket of enema water and piss. In the end she is left wired up and caged alone, to consider her place in life, while suffering continuous electric shocks.

Code: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
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Collection of BDSM video

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