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May Queen - Kotori Afterwards -

As a sequel to our previous very well acclaimed title,
“May Queen”, here comes an adventure game that describes
the everyday life of the small but beautiful devil
queen “Kotori”, told from the point of view of the
dickgirl “Yuki”.

Here we see the life of our protagonist Yuki who has
become Kotori’s pet on the whim of the moment, and
only by coincidence.

Act out actions day by day in the “campus” and “at home”,
speaking with Kotori at each place, painting pictures of
their hobbies, receiving training from Kotori.
You are also able to deal with your own sexual desire when
it becomes too much to handle…
SIZE: 215 Mb

Zone Archive – Hentai Parodies

Bleach – Soifon
Johnny Test – Susan/Mary Test
Hatsune Miku
Jet Set Radio Future – Rhyth & Gum
Aisha Claclan – Outlaw Star
C18 – Dragon Ball Z
Dr. Katz – Professional Therapist
Haruko – FLCL
Hentaikey Girl #1
Hentaikey Girl #2
Hentaikey Girl #3
Hentaikey Girl #4
Hentairella #1
Hentairella #2
Hentairella #3
Kagura – Azumanga Daioh
Kim – Kim Possible
Kristal The Teacher
Kylie Griffin – Extreme Ghostbusters
Liru The Werewolf – Renkin San Kyu Magical? Pokaan
Midna – The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Motoko – Ghost In The Shell
Princess Peach – Super Mario Bros
Raven #1 – Teen Titans
Raven #2 – Teen Titans
Reiko – Biker Girl #1
Reiko – Biker Girl #2
Rukia – Bleach
Sakaki – Azumanga Daioh
Starfire – Teen Titans
Temari – Naruto
Toph – Avatar The Last Airbender
Umeko – Gentle Vampire #1
Umeko – Gentle Vampire #2
SIZE: 69 Mb

Taimashi Izumi

Command-selection adventure game.
To save mother abducted by ogres, Izumi comes to the
enemy's safe house alone.
Can she beat strong ogres and save her mother? If she
loses, she is sexually humiliated in various ways.
SIZE: 170 Mb

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