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Chain Slave

Hardcore hentai sim game, where you try to frame
a practice teacher who is so beautiful, and train
her to be a sex slave of yours. You are allowed only
10 days. Can you make her your sex slave within the
limited time frame??
SIZE: 161 Mb

Violation Beast ~The Targeted 11.1 Students~

Become the beast, and hunt down the girls! Animal
Violation Simulation Game.

The streets are the scene of your hunt, and when you
find a target by the roadside, pursue them!
When you get your chance, launch a surprise attack,
defeat them, and then force them to copulate with you!

Use all means to get to your target! Pursue, edge closer,
and then act! A beast-like pursuit system!
Read your enemy's thoughts to select a course of action
in combat! Attack, counter-attack, or pursue!?
Premonition battle system!
The more you do it, the stronger you get! The girls will
resist, but you must find a way to defeat them.

All scenes feature ejaculating inside.
For scenes where you cannot see the union, an indicator
might show up that will enable you to switch to a
special view or an internal cutaway view.

The erotic scenes change depending on what kind of beast
you play as, so there's a lot of variation!
The girls are overrun by beasts, insects, and reptiles!

* Features 12 target characters for you to pursue

* A total of 13 different creatures to violate as!
Unicorn beetle
...and three more!
SIZE: 119 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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