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FamiFami! Erotic Menu a la carte!

Apple mint presents second full animation game!
Mai and Maho from "FamiFami! The twin sister in
nightmare" give you a naughty job!
Select 3 situations from the 10 options such as
fellatio, footjob and back.
You can enjoy the erotic situations in the order
of your choice!
Each erotic scene has its own finishing segment
which is viewable when chosen as the last scene.
SIZE: 300 Mb

171 - The Tenacle Monster Chasing Game

is a game where you play as a tentacle monster and
chase girls, stripping them of clothes until finally
you get them naked and rape them. It's a pretty cool
game, because as the screen scrolls, you can try to
alter the girl's running route so you have more time
to chase after her. It gets pretty hard in the end
levels, but nothing hair-pulling.
SIZE: 25 Mb

Fairy Fighting

If you put together ROA and Fairy War, what would you
get? This game, of course. Is at beta level now, but
the action is good

You play either as the fairy girl or one of the monsters.
TFGH moves, while A S Q and W attack. The special attacks
can be seen at the char select screen.

I've fought 3 worm things, a big turd-looking thing and
something I'll describe as a pocket of flesh wanting to
rape you. The pocket thing is hard to beat, but there is
a final stage after it
(Edit: You can toggle special energy and health regeneration
at for the girl at the select screen by pressing down. After
beating the pocket, you get to fight your evil clone for
some lesbian action)

There are both rape moves and rape finishers for the enemies
SIZE: 6 Mb

Aching Dreams

Aching Dreams is Rosewood Games' first product, a free hentai
(adult) Flash date sim game.
SIZE: 16 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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