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Question Re: General rules!

Before I start posting, I would just like one piece of clarification:

I will adhere to the restrictions regarding beastiality, XXXXXX and underage material without fail or argument. These are well out of my range of interest, and seeing them sends a chill up my spine.

I also adhere to the restriction on rape being posted on this site.

Where I'd like clarification is on the posting of FANTASY forced sex, where both are willing participants in a staged rape scenario, and also in Anime games that I'd like to share where non-consensual sex is likely to happen.

I would like to point out that rape is a heinous crime and perpetrators that commit it should be given a full sex-change before prison and tossed into general public to see how they like it. I do not condone or support rape in real life.

However, fantasy and fictional forced sex is an outlet that I do condone. As long as it remains in the realm of fantasy, and it is obviously stated as such (or simply obvious that it's not real), is posting this material adhering to the guidelines of this site?
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General rules!

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