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Exclamation Porn Afficionados, I need help!

So far, I have been searching for this video for years since seeing it around 9 years ago. I have had no luck, and no-one I've asked knows the movie to which I refer. So let me describe it as best I can.

It's a medium-to-long film, maybe 13-16 minutes. The picture quality is good; not an amateur video. The only two actors are a young blonde (I imagine 20s, but maybe early 30s) with large fake boobs and an older guy with a brown crew cut hair style, black-rimmed glasses, a pot belly, and kind of an Elvis sneer (he looks a little creepy). The scene is an office, and I seem to remember overall dark color tones (not unusual for an office).

There is no plot that I am aware of, or any "meaningful" dialogue. The man is naked, though I seem to recall that at the start of the video, he was fully clothed in a cheap suit. The woman is wearing (I think) a t-shirt, though it comes off very soon, and, most strikingly, cut up jean shorts, cut extremely short (butt cheeks visible), and bikini-style white panties underneath. The effect is that her panties are seen, since the jean shorts are cut away so much.

The action progresses like most porn videos; oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex. I cannot remember the climactic moment. What was very striking about the film is that the blowjob went on for a very generous amount of time, and the camera angle frequently changed to a shot between the woman's legs as she straddled the camera. Here, the effect was that her crotch (clothed still in the panties-cut up jean shorts combo) was viewed as well as the blowjob action. During all of this time, the man was sitting in his chair.

I know I've been very specific about a porn the likes of which I haven't seen since this one, and I wish I could find this one or one like it again. If anyone knows this film, or recognizes some of the techniques mentioned (like with the wardrobe or camera angles), please say so. Anything will help; I've got no leads on this one. Thanks!
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Porn Afficionados, I need help!

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