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The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno

This isn't your soft rape story.
This is a gripping story about fiery vengeance and
a sinister revenge plot.
Experience the brutality that unfolds and evil deeds
taken to the extreme!
Our beautiful maidens are waiting; don't resist the
temptation to participate in a unique sexual fantasy.
*Your childhood sweetheart, the bride, and the wife,
meet and rape all of them!
No compromise, no forgiveness, no mercy... A full on
*All our heroines are all voice acted by professionals!
Experience their desperate cries!
*You have to see for yourself! Squeeze cum into our
women till they are full and pregnant!
*Gruesome sound effects have been included to fully
immerse you in the story!
*CG only mode lets you watch your favorite rape scenes!
*Scene mode lets you play through your favorite rape
scenes again and again!
*Full voice, sound effects and an atmospheric
musical score!
SIZE: 130 Mb

Maiden assault-teacher training an idol fantasy


Humiliation. The chime indicates start of the lesson...
It's the beginning of obscenity.
The realm of purity is turning into an erotic training
class room.
Humiliating beautiful idols' innocent body, mind and
value...turning them into a dirty sex slave.
It's the humiliating erotic training ADV!!

- No voice elimination with re-voice function added.
- Fully voiced female voice
Enjoy the voice of humiliation!
- Custom sound effects
Pursuing the ultimate humiliation
- Animation peeping mode
Enjoy your favorite play style
- With voice, BGM, effect mixing system
SIZE: 115 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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