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Satsuki is a bright and lively girl that always
shines like the sun.
Yukari is a introverted girl who is as obedient
as a doll.
They're so different that it wasn't until I was
dating Satsuki in college that I realized that
they were twin sisters.

I never disliked Satsuki. It's hard to explain it,
but it seemed like she was just always nearby, and
she just became like air in the way I took her for
Right during that time Yukari showed up in my life
and she was fresh and new in every sense of the word.
It never seemed like I was really lovers with Yukari
or anything, she just happened to be a girl of
convenience who would come every time I called.

Naturally I tried to be careful to make sure Satsuki
didn't find out, but now I think it's turning into
an even more interesting relationship.
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