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Hot battles!! Strip Fighter IV

Hot Battles!! Strip Fighter IV, the retro-graphics
handheld edition of the popular Strip Fighter parody
game series, makes its PC debut!

Of course, all characters, moves and explicit sex
scenes are included!
Additionally, special content will be added in the
upcoming Super Strip Fighter IV in April 2010.

- Simple controls, button maps and demo videos to
ease you into gameplay, so even absolute beginners
can jump in!
- Insanely low price to beat the pants off its PC
SIZE: 58 Mb

Situation elevator

Screams, fearful cries for help.......there is no
hope in this locked jail.....
One day you get stuck in an elevator. There is no
only you in the small space, but a pair of sisters,
big-boob milf, and.....
All scenes are in after-effect animation!
(30 frames per second).
SIZE: 84 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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