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The problem with link exchange and page rank is you can't backlink to any site worth a fuck because if you have a pr of 2 and the other site has a pr of 5 than you will bring down the pr of the site that has a 5. This is googles way of quality control.

So basically you have no luck of building your page rank on sites like these. You can't pay for advertisements because the advertisers will get attacked by publishers, movie companies etc. The only way to build your rank is to have your site listed on Google for like 5-7 years and slowly build it up that way.

Any other way you have no chance in hell. I have a PR of 10 and I refuse to link to anyone. When you have a PR that high no one can help, only hinder your ranking.

Funny how people can't read simple instructions. Someone backlinked and said they have a PR of 2.
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