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Introducing Dolly

Dolly's first day with ShadowSlaves was something to remember. This vivacious young girl bravely withstood Magick's introductory spanking with barely a wince. Cane bundles and hair floggers to her cunt got her attention though, and testing her gag reflex by brutally ramming a huge dildo down her throat quickly corrected any delusions she may of had that this would be an easy ride.
Hot candle wax scalded her face and body, and it wasn't long before she was crying and defeated, burning herself to order without question. Chained to an exercise horse her clitoris was vacuum pumped to several times it's normal size, before being attacked with vibrators, and the Eroscillator, until she was ready to fuck herself with a gigantic dildo, while Magick took control of her breathing.
If there is any doubt as to the effect this abuse had on this slut, watching her lick up a puddle of her own cunt juices at the end should make it very clear.


The Ordeal

The Ordeal Crystel-Lei waits, blindfolded, gagged and tightly bound. This time there is to be no gentle warm up. Her tits are painfully bound with rough plastic cable ties before being brutally caned, used as Magick's ashtray and then wired up for vicious electric shock treatment.
She is subjected to a forced orgasm, that is so intense that she wets herself, and is left sitting in her own piss. But this is just the start of the poor girl's troubles. Strung up to the ceiling she endures a brutal beating with single tail whip, floggers, a heavy cane and a thick leather belt.
A candle warms her cunt and tits and long needles pierce deeply into the flesh of her breasts and nipples. There is no mercy for the bitch at any time in this relentless ordeal.

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Collection of BDSM video

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