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Douraku Yusha Mahobote Party

This is an adult flash animation adventure game.
The legions of hell are threatening the world.
To combat this threat, the hero decides to make
more heroes! Whenever he spots a girl he likes
on his travels he uses a spell to instantly make
them pregnant!
SIZE: 327 Mb

Dolls love potion

A love potion to make persons naughty...
Kidnapped girls in captivity pant in eternal ecstasy.
Hardcore training in captivity adventure consisting
of all hentai tentacle animations!

Yuma and Aika Edition
Aika gives away her body to a doctor for the treatment
of her sister. She is raped after injection of a
love potion.
SIZE: 207 Mb

Injection of tons of sperms! - My child is mixed with love potion

The day after the protagonist was bullied by a
dominant classmate, he finds that suddenly his
testicles and penis have grown to enormous proportions!

He rushes to the the infirmary, where he is told
they will need a sample of semen. However, he ends
up ejaculating an unbelievable amount.
When the nurse sees this, she tells him:
"Why don't you take revenge on the girls who bullied
you with your new toy?"
SIZE:206 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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