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Scrap iron Girl

Earn points in cyber battles and as you progress
in real time you'll be treated to sex scenes.
In the sex scenes you can use all the points in
various ways.
A girl responds to the pleasure as she resists in
small animations that are included along with
realistic sexual moans.
No holding back with seven total characters when you
include the hidden characters.

*Fighting Style
Hitting long strings of combos and learning all the
commands for each game is annoying, so we've developed
a game where you can get stronger just by using regular
moves, but can also heavily damage your opponent with
special moves, and even kill them in one blow with
powerful super special moves.

*About Using Vista
This was created in Fighter Maker 2nd, and as such may
require you to set your default Japanese input system
to Windows Vista's standard Microsoft IME.
SIZE: 520 Mb


Cloth-change flash animation, feat Tachibana, from
Pani Poni.
She reacts to your mouse clicking!
SIZE: 5 Mb

Senki Maisan -Sizuku Edition-

This is a visual novel with AfterEffects looping animations
(with voice) about humiliation of a female ninja, Shizuku
by a monster with tentacles.
Including situations of nipple teasing by tentacles,
sucking breasts, violation, pregnancy, etc.
SIZE: 67 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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