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Training Camp: Chapter Four

The final chapter of the epic full day's training with Chaos and Nimue concludes as they are broken down completely. Tears flow right from the start as the exhausted girls have been allowed little rest through the day.

Chaos is tasked with serving Nimue sexually, beginning with Nimue struggling to fuck herself using a dildo mounted in Chaos' face. The unsatisfactory completion of Chaos' anal training results in her breasts receiving a brutal lashing with the tawse, and her body being burnt with candles. Once again she is set to work making Nimue come, while Magick does his best to distract her with a vicious beating.
Then it is time for work. After several hours of pain and terror, the girls are forced to load and unload heavy logs outside, in the cold, moving them back and forth as Magick delights in the pointlessness of their labours and alternately sexually abuses and canes them both.
Bent over a beam, their bruised and freezing flesh is mercilessly caned and whipped with a quirt, until the tears flow uncontrollably. Finally, they are taped in a backbreaking position and left with vibrators running inside their swollen cunts for hours, while Magick goes to eat. Dusk falls as they sob in hopeless agony.


Training Camp: Chapter Three

The ongoing ordeal is far from over for Nimue and Chaos, in part three of their arduous full day's training. Even bodily functions are no longer their own, as Chaos is catheterized, her bladder control taken from her. Nimue is subjected to a brutal cunt and breast whipping for her earlier failures, and taunted with denied orgasms. A short break is allowed for the girls to eat cold fries from dog bowls, all they will be allowed until the training is complete. They feed each other mouth to mouth, but not even during this paltry meal are they safe from Magick's attentions.
Chaos suffers a punishment whipping to her cunt, before they are, in turn, subjected to vicious canings, which they can only stop by subjecting the other to electric shocks. When Nimue cracks and shocks Chaos the stakes are raised, with the electrical box being replaced by the terrifying cattle prod. Wracked with guilt at shocking Chaos to save herself, Nimue finds it hard to enjoy the oral attention the poor girl is forced to give her.

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Collection of BDSM video

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