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Default Tatushki plays with toys 1 (2006)

SP-1463 Tatushki plays with toys 1 (2006)

SP-1463 Татушки играют в игрушки – 1

The first of many videos in the SPb Tatushki series that will be posted in this thread.

Since months that I am trying to find an answer to a very simple question. What is the meaning for Tatushki, the latin character transliteration of the Russian word Татушки?

The best explanation I found up to now is the following.

Between 1999 and 2009, there was a musical girl duo in Russia called Тату (Tattoo in English) with two 25 year old girls named Юлия Олеговна and Елена Катина (Julija Olegovna and Elena Katina).

You can see some information about them in English at

As far as I know with all my ignorance of the Russian language, the suffix шки (shki) is a feminine diminutive. The use of diminutives to change the meaning of a word while common in many languages like Russian and my mother language Portuguese, is a practice that I think does not exist in English.

My guess is that this series is a SPb parody using that girl duo's name and that Татушки means something like Little Tattoos. We have seen this kind of SPb appropriation of famous names or symbols before to turn them into sex parodies.

If some Russian speaker reads this and thinks that I made a terrible mess with it, please move forward.

In their English language International catalog SPb sometimes calls these videos the Ta-Tu Girls, exactly the same way as the musical girl duo name. In other videos they call them Tatoos or Tatushki. I prefer the third option.

In this thread from now on they are the Tatushki videos and here is the first of them.

Filename: SP-1463 Tatushki plays with toys 1.avi

Total run time: 2h33

Resolution: 640 x 480

Director: Little Johnny (don't laugh, this is Google's translation of Вовочка or Vovochka)

Cast: Veronica, Kate, Kristina, Olga, Olya, Milena, Luba (Вероника, Катя, Кристина, Ольга, Оля, Милена, Люба )

Together with SP-1182 Russian débutantes-1 already posted, this video marks SPb progressive evolution to chain production of long series of porn videos without plot, moving away from complex plot movies like SP-1179 Eugene Onegin or SP-0490 Luka Mudishev also posted before.

An evolution toward a chain production model quite similar to most Western porn video companies.

So, here we have the Tatushki playing with their toys. And what better toys can they find than a bunch of well equipped guys.

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