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Haro Tale of a Western Country

This game combines the Shisen-style puzzle game
with erotic training!
There are many elaborate systems for you to explore.
The fine qualities of a game that is both simple
and deep are enhanced by the various gimmicks.
To put it simply, this is a game that promises
many hours of fun!
The big-breasteded, well-rounded girls in this
game are fated to be turned into slutty sex addicts
by your cock.

# Shisen-style puzzle game that makes of a good
brain exercise. Play two or three games a day for
the best result.
# If you simply want to enjoy the sexual aspect of
the game, the peeping mode is for you!
# Sex system that brings back all the mysteries of
the human body.
Orthodox: Use fellatio to get yourself ready, then
shoot your load in her pussy.
Kinky: Use her asshole to get yourself to your limit,
then finish in her pussy.
# Come inside her to make her pregnant, then use the
pregnancy system to create the child of your choice!
# Treasure boxes will appear among the tiles,
enhancing the game experience.
They contain all sorts of items that will make
themselves useful at night!
SIZE: 351 Mb

Well-stacked Fantasy

SIZE: 10 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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