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Default [Magnum Griffin Filmfare Video Bijou] Magnum Griffin 4

[Magnum Griffin-Filmfare Video-Bijou] - Magnum Griffin 4

This pre-condom collection of shorts from France comprises four three-ways built around gym motifs, exercise machines, whirlpools and the like.

Locker Room 3 has three cute men - a brunet, a light brunet, and a blond - working out on weight machines. The boys strip - except the blond, who keeps his skimpy little powder blue tank top on - and take it to the locker room. Sucking leads to the well-endowed blond plowing the shaggy brunet over a weight bench, while the dark brunet tongue-strokes blondies pucker. This loop offers lots of close-ups of the rimming and butt-fucking action.

Hot Tub Boys has our blond stud from the first short joining another, almost blond. The pair trade blowjobs on the edge of the pool when a dark-haired, uncut "studlet" joins in for oral, rimming and cum-eating.

Triple Workout offers three new lads in a weight room. The most interesting of the trio is a sandy blond with a neat brush mustache. The trio leaves their jockstraps on as they share mutual masturbation and dick-nibbling.

The men in Three for the Mat are a bit more the hard-body side than the previous models. The dicks are also bigger, and the fucking is more vigorous. In particular, the strawberry blond in the white sweatband delivers some seriously deep dicking. The scene ends with juicy slow-motion cumshots.


1. Locker Room 3
Pete, Steve, Thor

Thor, a new boy at the gym, watches partners Pete and Steve finish their workout, His growing shaft aching for a fuck, Thor follows them to the locker room to make out. As he buries his tool between the cheeks of Steves ass, Pete tongues the rest of Steves body to a magnificent climax.

2. Hot Tub Boys
Thor, Tony, Freddie

Two blonde beauties, Thor and Freddie set the pace for this sex capade in the hot tub. When dark-haired Tony, the towel boy, joins them, the action speeds up. It is a game of musical chairs, in and out of the tub, rimming, sucking, fucking. A wild 3-way to everyones delight!

3. Triple Work-Out
Jamie Wingo, Eric Clement, David (Mike Barnes)

When instructor Eric strips down to show David and Jamie the proper way to use gym equipment, he becomes more interested in their equipment. The boys, also eager to play games, mount Eric in outrageous positions on the exercise machine, blowing and screwing each other until the love juices flow.

4. 3 For the Mat
Tim , Steve, David (Mike Barnes)

The beginning of this loops has Tim doing some very graceful gymnastic floor exercises in his jockstrap.

Three young bodies on a gym mat building their muscles. Watching each other exercise, the mood soon changes from work to play. A frenzy of sensuous lips around stiff dicks and lunging cocks up pink assholes dazzle your eyes as Tim is caught between David and Steve in a gratifying triple header.

Footnote: Series of shorts, some of these were collected into videos. These were originally Griffin International films only but with the merger of Magnum Studios in 1976, they took on a new life where they are more familiarly known as Magnum-Griffin films.
See magazine The Best of Griffin for pictures of many of these performers.



The original loops were silent so music is added on top. Sadly, some guys, well into dirty-old-manhood, seem to have been selected to provide the voiceover dialog which turned out just hideous. Recommendation: turn off the sound and turn on the stereo.
-Woody Tule


The Griffin films are plotless, but they feature attractive, well-hung versatile jocks in and out-of-doors, engaged in everything form the usual fuck and suck routines to threeways and orgy scenes. The problem is the dialogue. It is laughably corny, and not in synch with the actors lip movements. For example, in Volume 4, there is a scene where several men are sitting on a couch having a discussion. That is what we see anyway. What we hear are some wildly exaggerated sucking and slurping sounds. Have these fellows discovered a new language.
-Kevin Gender

Stars: Starring: David (Mike Barnes), Eric Clement, Freddie, Jamie Wingo, Pete, Steve,
Thor, Tim, Tony

Director: Uncredited

Produced: 1975-1976

Released: 1978/1981

File size: 898.3 MB

Download [Magnum Griffin-Filmfare Video-Bijou] - Magnum Griffin 4
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