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Default 2SCM001 Jonathan


Release Year: 2001
Studio: Straight College Men
Cast: Jonathan
Genres: Clip
Video language: English


Twenty minutes later, Jonathan's chest was completely hair free! <g> When I talked to Jonathan on the phone, he said that he had a shaved head, a goatee, and three tattoos but was thin. I tried my best to picture that look and figured that he'd be too rough looking for the website, but he had a really great personality so I agreed to met him for coffee and see what he looked like.I didn't recognize him at first as his head was no where near shaved, but soon we figured out who was the other, and started talking. He was a little rough looking, but he was genuine and he'd mentioned on voicemail that he'd shave his chest if need be.

I figured videotaping him shaving his chest could make for one VERY interesting shoot, so two days after the meeting, we went for it... in his girlfriend's apartment!
First we started outdoors with him talking to the camera, talking about growing up, running track in high school, and how he liked the attention gay guys gave him in clubs.

Then, after walking around the park for a bit (as there were lots of people out and candid discussions of sex were a little risky), we headed back to his girlfriend's place where he talked some more and where he was pretty nervous about getting naked. He showed me his nipple rings and talked about getting them pierced, then I told him it was time to shave his chest. As I was preparing to move the camera into the bathroom, he said "My hearts racing." Kewl.

First the clippers came out and he trimmed down the first layer of hair before applying the lather and starting with the razor. Damn, I THOUGHT watching him meticulously shave his upper chest, moving his arm so the muscles would contort to the right positions, was erotic. But when he started shaving the area around his nipples, I could only imagine the sensation. (Got no chest hair myself. Sporting wood right now just thinking about it.)

I kept eyeing, too, how his pants were riding ever so lightly above his butt crack. Actually, truth be told, I bought his pants off him right there for an extra $100.
I mean, damn. Look at this:

After he shaved his chest and his pants were mine, he got in the shower and quickly rinsed off the extra hairs which had stuck to him. His dick was so dark and it was growing. I asked him if the camera's presense had caused that, and he said that it had. Talk about erotic. My presense, the camera's presense, had caused him to get turned on. That was EXCELLENT!

Back on his girlfriend's couch, his chest cleanly shaved and his nipple rings in perfect view, Jonathan started a video he had and began working his dick.

As to what had become my plan, I offered to go in the other room so that he could concentrate on matters without my presence and while I was gone, peering around the corner, watching him tug it, I jerked on myself. The tripod caught all the action and he was none the wiser.

At the end of the video, you can hear me say "Good thing I came back in" after he shoots his load (all over his smooth chest). It was no coincidence that I came back in. I was watching the whole time. I could see that he was getting ready to blow.

Damn I love my job. <g>

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 38:14
Video: 360x260, Windows Media Video V7
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 125.3 MB

Download 2SCM001.Jonathan
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