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Have Relation With...

I have a strong desire that I have never told
anyone before...... I want to be humiliated and
used like a slave by men...... Maho is a submissive
woman indeed, while her younger sister Kataho is
free-spirited and sexually active.
SIZE: 86 Mb

Have Relation With... 2

Shinobu is my lover -- 2 years older than me and cute
as can be.
I've been going out with Shinobu for awhile, but the
truth is we haven't done anything beyond a kiss...and
we've only kissed twice!
And that first time was my first kiss even...

"This's just like dating someone in middle
school all over again..."

I dreamt that I slept with her once...and I can't get
the feeling of her skin out of my mind..
I just want to feel the real Shinobu one more time...
just one more time...
Even though I was just fine with our platonic relationship really are just simple animals in the end.
After I had that dream about her, I called her up to ask
her over without even thinking...

It was the first time I'd ever invited her into my room,
and she looked really surprised, but she nodded her head
and said "yes" to me...
SIZE: 141 Mb

Have Relation With... 3

This game is an interactive sex simulation game,
where the commands you choose influences the attitudes
of those you meet and causes different situations to occur.

The game spans 14 days, from September 4th to September
17th. The game continues by the selection of commands,
having sex and having conversations.

In the normal part, you can bump into people on the way
home from college, and have a chat with them. You can
unexpectedly run into the person you want to meet, so
choose who you will meet.

The sex part contains two couples that have sex together:
the hero and Atsuko, plus Nami and Naoyuki.
Depending on your selection, the attitudes of the people
you meet will change, and different situations will occur,
so try out a number of things
SIZE: 109 Mb

Pretty Fighters VS. Sex Monsters

SIZE: 73 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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