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Default Re: Porn Afficionados, I need help!

Thanks for the response. It didn't seem to be from the 70s or 80s, or even the early 90s, from the video quality. Of course, I saw it those 9 years or so ago, and I think I recall correctly that the website in which I found the video was called "porn theater" or something similar, and the wallpaper of the site showed the view as though you were sitting in the back of a movie theater.

I'm pretty sure it was in an office, but almost certain that it was not a professor in a classroom.

The video, I think, was in 3 (maybe 5?) parts, and each installment was entitled 'drogers1' or 'drogers2.' Again, I'm not certain about these details, but I'm at least quite confident about them.
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Porn Afficionados, I need help!

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