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Mother and daughter shameful orgy - Violated before the boyfriend's eyes

Story outline
Yuka decides to seek a sugar daddy to earn money
to buy a present for her boyfriend on the condition
that she only masturbates before the man.
Her boyfriend, Masato go to the spot to make a
protest but Yuka is raped by Shuzo, her sugar daddy
before her boyfriend's eyes.
Shuzo takes her photographs and threatens her. And
this incident involves even Kaoruko, Yuka's mother.
SIZE: 263 Mb

The nightmare

In my dreams, I am dancing.
My eyes are spinning... spin spin spinning around.

In the middle of the illusion, I can see a limited
fate and unlimited conclusions.

This tale is a lie.

This story is a plain, ordinary adventure game.

You are either a boy or girl, the two of you try to
plan to escape from this painful dream.

And with them the time becomes sweet
And you will drink in the violent eroticism...

Due to the choices you pick the story will change and
so will your fate. However the conclusions that we
have prepared are not the true ending.
SIZE: 138 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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