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The Sex Demon's Seed

- Story -
The main character finds an ancient book in the
library, and upon opening it he gets possessed
by the sex demon!
Overnight, he gains the full powers of the sex
demon, and begins taking his revenge on his older
sister who had bullied him until now!
In response to the main characters feelings for
his classmate, Rinko Kamo, he also captures her
and begins changing the girls into obedient
sex slaves...
SIZE: 172 Mb

Living with a clumsy big breasted shinigami

The protagonist is Shingo, a college student who
isn't popular with the ladies. One day, the shinigami
RyuRyu accidentally shears off half of his soul.

Now that Shingo is in danger of dying at any moment,
he demands RyuRyu lets him have his way with her
breasts until all his attachment to this world is gone!
He also wants to make the shinigami pregnant... A sweet
time of sex with mother's milk is about to begin.

Sex with mother's milk wearing only an apron, Milk
and sex while nursing a patient, even milk maid service!
There are many different scenes all featuring mother's milk!

* Focused on easy, light, sweet erotic scenes!
There are 10 erotic scenes, with a 75% mother's milk
rate! Over 800 lines of spoken dialogue!
SIZE: 112 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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