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BAMBOO GIRLS -Sexual Experience of Kendo Girls-

Let's all go to the beach together!
The girls club goes on a long vacation. At the
beach, at the inn, at the onsen, they take every
chance to explore each other's pert young bodies.
That is the thinking which led to this erotic
visual novel.
SIZE: 82 Mb

Fighting Goddess Celest's sudden newly-married life

Enjoy the sweet newly-wed and "childmaking" life with
this game brought to you by Norn! In this game, you're
married to a cool and good-looking goddess and your
goal is to have some kids!

The main character, Kazuhito, is an ordinary yet kind
ronin (student trying to pass college exams).

One day, while stargazing, he spots 3 goddess sisters
as the ascend to Earth!

Kazuhito, who heard that if a goddess' identity is
revealed to a human, they will be sealed to that human,
decides to protect the 3.

Even when an angel comes for judgment, Kazuhito lies and
says there is no problem, as he is engaged to the
fighting goddess Celest.

The angel demands that they bear a child as proof, which
was the beginning of Kazuhito's hot and cold newly-wed
life with a goddess!
SIZE: 176 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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