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sunxBote! ~Love me as well as my baby inside me!~

The main character, Shoma, is an ordinary student.
One day, a girl who he loves since childhood visits
him and asks him
to impregnate her to avoid the unwanted marriage.
Shoma, though embarrassed, cannot resist his feelings
and accepts it.
She is now pregnant and they still make love!
SIZE: 144 Mb

Princess Elis of the Hell is an erotic pregnant wife!

The main character, Sota, is a flip and luck pusher.
One day, 3 sisters who are his friends from the
childhood tell him that
they are Satan's children who are left in the human
They ask him for help, which is to choose one of
them and make children with her, as not to break
their bloodline.
Sota, surprised, chooses Elis, kind and sweet big
sister with big breasts.
And this is
the beginning of Sota's maternal and sweet newly-wed
life with a princess!
SIZE: 162 Mb

A newly-wed life with the tsundere hell princess Arisa

Enjoy a sweet and spicy child-making life with a
demon princess of a feisty childhood friend!

Our hero Sota is a cocky and horny student.

Sota's got 3 childhood friends known to the whole
neighborhood as real beauties.

One day, he is asked by the girls to make children
one with them, as they are demons who seek to make
peace with humans by creating a child to take
after them.

While Sota is surprised, he chooses the most
headstrong of the tsundere sisters, Arisa.

This was the beginning of his child-making days with
the demon princess Arisa, his childhood friend who
refuses to be honest with herself.
SIZE: 157 Mb

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