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Meet n fuck - Star mission

The year is 3050. The male population has
decreased dramatically as a result of long,
bloody, intergalactic wars. Now all men are
property of the United Galactic Federation
and are used only for reproduction purposes.
In special cryogenic capsules, male
individuals are shipped to different parts
of the universe for the settlement of new
planets. Our hero Chuck is one of those guys.
After awaking from hypersleep he decided
that time of sexual revolution has came!
SIZE: 6 Mb

Kochira Memetsuki Onsenkyou

A little hotel located on the outskirts of the
hot-spring town, away from the city.....
By a little chance, you've got to have sex with
visitors and the landlady of the hotel.
Trinitron CG presents knockabout, erotic
adventure game!
Horny maids are there to refuel your tired body!!!


- Sound effect of ejaculation, and screen-effect
on cum scenes. Voices and animation movie are
featured on every sex scene!

The main part, adventure-game mode features "explore"
system. Tons of extras are contained which appear
after clearing the main game! Enjoy exploring
the sensual, erotic world!!
SIZE: 220 Mb

Ex-legendary heroes...

This is a novel adventure game based on the
very popular RPG game, "Dragon Quest."


The main character is a monster in human shape
who lives in a mountain cabin.
He went to a hunting and happened to meet a group
of heroes who were injured.
Seeing him, they tried to fight against him to
protect themselves in vain...
SIZE: 143 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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