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Default Re: [RS] FuckingDungeon

Rachel Roxxx @ FuckingDungeon 1/24/08

3 scenes

Rachel squirms uncomfortably in her binds. Her hands are cuffed and tied overhead, her feet tied to wooden platforms. Master Alex greets her and announces his demands... Rachel shrieks and squeals as the flogger strikes home across her naked body. Her pussy is eaten and she moans in ecstasy. Ecstasy quickly turns to pain however, as her Master works her over with the flogger once again. Her cunt is fingered and filled with her Master's cock. Fucked from behind, Rachel grinds in time to meet her Master's lunges... Tied face down on the bench, Rachel has her feet and ass paddled. Her mouth is filled with cock before she is cunt fucked once again and her moans of pleasure fill the room. Her ass is eaten before she is brutally fucked some more. Then, she gags on her Master's cock before he leaves her alone in the Dungeon... Rachel wriggles when she is tied spreadeagle to the chair. Alex eats her cunt and then vibes it with the magic wand and Rachel begs, squeals and moans at the hand of her Master. Her pussy is fingered as she eagerly and obediently laps at his cock. Mounted once again, Rachel grunts in pleasure as she is fucked frantically. Then, she opens wide and takes a massive load to the mouth.



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[RS] FuckingDungeon

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