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Default Re: My Amateurs comfortable in archives(regular Updates)

# Set 0133 - Limber-chan(chanslut) (61 Pics, 3 Videos, 154MB)

What is a chanslut? All i find out that these are hot amateurgirls who verify their true identity on pictures or on livecams. Often they write things on their body or holding things into the camera to verify that they are true amateurgirls and they often do things on the webcam that are wishes from the user. These girls often do crazy or silly things on their cam. Why these girls do that? Maybe they are horny, some are crazy and others are only bored...
The name chan comes from these asian imageboards called 4chan, foreverchan etc. It seems that these girls are posting their pictures or videos there and thats the reason why they are called chan sluts, but im not 100% sure. If you want to find more of a specifc girl use the nickname+chan in google.
I posted 1 chanslut before, the girl in set 0072 is also called "tomboy" or tomboy-chan. Maybe someone has some more Information about these "chans"...
...and these notes they often hold into the camera or write on their body are dates/times and directories on these imageboards where the pictures are posted, discussed/commented

2 Videos of this Set have real good quality and the girl really has fun.


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My Amateurs comfortable in archives(regular Updates)

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