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2nd work of the series, following the previous
Goumusume. The major difference from Goumusume
is it contains voice of the strong girl!!!
Keywords: Collar, outdoor exposure, defloration,
forced lesbo sex, cum injection, anal, double
penetration, bukkake, enema.
SIZE: 138 Mb


A short animated adventure game made using Flash
about monsters making a large-breasted amazoness
doing dirty things!

At a certain amazoness tribe, the women have to
defeat 1000 monsters on their own as a rite of
passage into adulthood.
During that time, they may not for any reason
whatsoever return to the tribe.
It all has to be done using their own strength,
nothing else will do...

* Now featuring a bit more boobies than usual!

- Uses an adventure game style process to proceed
in the animation.
- All erotic scenes are animated...
- Gallery mode is available.
- Focus on the breast assault.
- Several ejaculation patterns.
- Animated at 30FPS, no less!
SIZE: 161 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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