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Sensei, put a tentacle in my vagina!

This is a hardcore erotic adventure game
featuring tentacle in very high quality!

There's a new male teacher at the famous
girls' school for girls. But his true form
is an alien that happens to breed and sell
tentacle monsters!
He has targeted a quiet girl at the school
to be subjected to the training and
experimentation of his newest species, in an
exploration of the flesh...
SIZE: 159 Mb

Bishoku Prologue - The Usual Pervert Master Tentacles

The first installment of the "Angel Black"
bishoujo game is complete!!
Presenting Bishoku Prologue - The Usual Pervert
Master Tentacles!

The ongoing popular serialized light novel from
PC Angel neo has become a game! Its contents
remain the same: Ralha Bloodford Sakakibara,
prodigal scientist, rapes Mitsuba Morishita for
the sake of advancing research.

This is a Ralha episode obviously not seen in
print, and is even more obviously perverse!!
SIZE: 146 Mb

Orion and onnanoko monsters

RPG game
SIZE: 98 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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