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Default Re: Make money surfing porn!

I am interested in this concept of "making money surfing porn". For a thread with such a title, the actuall information is really vague. How much money can one make (average/highest)? How much time must be devoted (avg./high)? Already, I see multiple postings on this forum and others with the same there really any room left for newcomers?

In order to earn money from Uploading/sharing do you have to have a premium (payed for) account with the file host? and will you earn enough money to, not only cover, but exceed the ammount spent on said premium account?

Also, what about the legality of it all? With a premium account (assuming it is required, or even the better way to go) They will have your personal info (credit card, address, phone number, email) If you upload copyrighted material (which everything is) and they trace it back to you, can you end up getting in trouble for it?

I would appreciate any information on this subject, maybe a link to an actuall guide that gives you some good, in depth info, rather than just "upload/share, earn money. Thanks.
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Make money surfing porn!

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