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Sister HARAssment

Hentai sim game where you have a lot of sex
with her until she is pregnant. Illustrated
by a popular artist, Araiguma.
SIZE: 212 Mb

Cattlaya's Brandmark

Cattlaya has been bested and brought home by an
Orc army. There a milky feast unfurls as the
violently demanding orcs persecute and sexually
liberate her spirit.
"So good! I'll be your mommy!"
SIZE: 62 Mb

Kissing the petal 2 My dear prince

I am Kitajima Kaede, and I am not really good at
dealing with people. I'm also the class rep.
In school, I run into my cousin Sara, and suddenly
I find myself sharing a passionate kiss with her!
In the years that I haven't seen her, she's grown
into a cute, outgoing girl who has become a famous model.
Even fashion magazines know about her, and many in
my school idolize her. She makes me look extra dull
by comparison.

And yet she calls me out from afar and clings to me,
heedless of the stares people give us.
Because I don't like to stand out, I instinctively
act coldly towards Sara.
But then she suddenly pushed me down.
She whispers to me,
"I want everything there is you."
Such joy, such bliss and such embarrassment. What's
to become of me?

The system is perfect, as usual!
Both Kaede and Sara are fully voiced.
There is a CG gallery mode, a scene replay mode,
and of course you can view the backlog and repeat
voice samples at will.
You can adjust the volume for the background music,
the sound effects and the voices separately,
and you'll find yourself reaching out to "scratch"
yourself often.

Why don't you try hanging out with Sara for a while.
She is spunky, naughty and very sweet.
SIZE: 162 Mb

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