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Default Re: BDSM / Torture / Bizarre - Full Movies

WBTK-04 Sadistic tragedy of Blue Moon Mansion

Here is another very hard one from the Blue Moon Mansion. Not censored, but the gals wear something over their crotch. Recorded live. This has something for everybody. It starts with the sub getting bitten rather hard by the cute but vicious Dom. She gets some needles stuck in her. There's a little strangulation. At one point, she has piano wire stuck through her skin and is strung up like a marionette. There is a part where she has needles stuck through her body and has clothes and beads hung on them. Oops, I forgot to mention the hot wax, the needles through her lips and the cigarette!! Not for the squeamish. I warned you last time and I'm warning you again.

Format avi
Resolution: 640480
Length: 01:29:03

File size: 1.1 GB

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BDSM / Torture / Bizarre - Full Movies

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