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Secret Agent 0069 - Canadian Customs

Secret Agent 0069 - Canadian Customs.rar
18 Pages | 2.7 Mb

Download : Big Bang - Death Wears Sneakers.cbr
5.35 Mb

Between the Sheets - 1969
America's ace cartoonists take you on an uproarius safari --
Lawrence Lariar, Don Orenek, George Wolfe, Reamer Keller, Bill Wenzel, George Dole
These are the famous cartoonists gathered together in this superb laff-a-page collection that deals with the most important time in a man's and woman's life - the time spent in bed.
You may have heard of doctors with a soothing bedside manner. The artists in this volume have a bedside manner too. But it's anything but soothing.
Still you might find you like it. That is, if you are not afraid of splitting your sides ...

Download : Between the Sheets.pdf
132 pages | 1.81 Mb

Bernardo Munoz - Selen Presents Heatwaves (en)

Download : Bernardo Munoz - Selen Presents Heatwaves (en).cbr
19.38 Mb

Bernardo Munoz - Selen Presente Canicules (fr)

Download : Bernardo Munoz - Selen Presente Canicules (fr).cbr
16.34 Mb

Benjamin ' BENEM ' Marquardt - White Trash Girls 01

Download : Benjamin Marquardt - White Trash Girls (de).cbr
20.1 Mb | 30 Pages

Benjamin Marquardt - Art of BENEM

Download : Benjamin Marquardt - Art of BENEM.cbr
2.96 Mb | 41 Pictures
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