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I am facing a really strange problem, I thought others would have complained too but I guess its only me.
For the past 10-15 days whenever I try to visit this site I see a message that the forum is under maintenance, first time I got this message I waited for two days thinking the forum will be back soon, but it didn't, so I checked through a proxy and to my surprise forum was up and running normally. After that this is happening contineously, sometimes I can access forum without any problem but most of the time I get the message that forum is under maintenance and I am redirected to a live jasmine page.

I have to wait or use a vpn to enter the forum, but sometimes I can access forum without any vpn or proxy and everything starts working, but then after 1 or 2 days, same problem.

Is anybody else having this problem? This is really strange, I have checked with four different browsers and same results.
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Forum trouble?

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