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Venture into the world of fetish. This collection of four short films explores realms inhabited by a wonderous collection of rubber clad afficionado's. "Woodchicks" voyeuristically follows the exploits of two female rubber clad lovers to a remote swarth of nature on a glorious wind swept summer day far from prying eyes. Be there yourself, peering through the reeds as these two voluptuous, hooded lovers walk through nature in heavy capes and raincoats, well protected in rubber ***** and gasmasks to a remote spot where they make orgasmic rubber love. "Pissboy" is hard core clinical rubber action presided over by rubber nurse Mistress Nadia. Invasive therapy is the order of the day as she straps her patient to a gyno chair. A heavy leather neck brace is firmly buckled on to prevent any head movement with a drip feed-gag. A large enema is given and a catheter is inserted for the removal of urine which she then ruthlessly connects to his mouth feed
Genres: bdsm File: avi 54:35

File size: 700.1 MB

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Latex Porn - Metzgermeister's Collection

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