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Default Kl-010 Pierced asses (2005)

Kl-010 Pierced asses (2005)

Пронзённые попки

One of the earliest videos from Strawberries (Клубничка). Number 10 in their catalog.

As it often happens with their movies, this one is also a sequence of short "stories". 10 in this case, all dedicated to some extent to anal sex. The whole with a discreet music background soundtrack.

Scene 1 - It starts with Svetlana Belochkina (Светлана Белочкина) giving it to her fiance. It is always spectacular! I have no clue if it is her fiance or not but she gives.

Scene 2 - An unknown girl hiding under the pseudonym of Kleo fucked in the jacuzzi.

Scene 3 - A guy and Svetlana Vishnevskaja (Светлана Вишневская) in the role of his fiancee. The guy comes back from his army service and quarrels with his fiancee. The usual reason, she cheated on him. But, nothing better than a good sex session to reconcile the two.

Scene 4 - Ukrainian Olga Filimonova (Ольга филимонова) in her first shooting. She does not know what to do in front of the camera. Really? Fortunately she has a good professional partner that gives a hand, or better, his tongue, and saves the day. A success!

Scene 5 - Kleo is back for another fucking session in the jacuzzi.

Scene 6 - She already gave, but she wants more! Svetlana Belochkina (Светлана Белочкина) is also back with her fiance. Good for her.

Scene 7 - Olga Gudina (Ольга Гудина) the star of "Insatiable Olechka" posted earlier in this thread, could not be absent. Here we see her in a steamy sex scene in the sauna relaxation room.

Scene 8 - Kleo is back for her third fucking session in the jacuzzi. This girls really loves sex. But it has to be clean.

Scene 9 - Marina Grechneva (Марина Гречнева) asks a young guy what excites him. Why to waste time with detailed answers? Nothing better than a practical demonstration of ass piercing.

Scene 10 - Olga Filimonova (Ольга филимонова) is also back in this final story. In Strawberries (Клубничка) own description, she comes back for "a depraved sex session". Not bad for her first video.

In the end there are ca. 4 min of trailers for the video "Girls Of The Warm Summer" already posted, that I decided to keep during the conversion of the DVD files.

Full Preview

1.76 Gb / 1:57:05 / 688x560 / MP4

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