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Device Bondage – Ally Ann

File Size: 161 Mb
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 0:13:29

19 year old blond hottie in pigtails.
Welcome our newest 19 year old to Device Bondage. This hot blonde has almost no BDSM experience- at that age not many do. So let’s introduce
her to pain and pleasure, what do you say? The first thing Ally figured out was she liked being helpless, her pussy got wet just being in the bondage.
The second thing she found out was pain hurts, but to get pleasure you have to take pain. She learned to take pain because she wanted, needed the
pleasure. The third thing she found out that was someone can make her cum even if she is trying not to, and that being helpless to stop it makes the
orgasms 100% more intense. She also found out out when you’re helpless someone can make you cum over and over and over, and there is nothing
you can do to stop it.



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Teen / young special rated xxx videos. enjoy...<regulary updated>

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